Dawie Verwey - Owner and Photographer


Dawie, Owner of Flat Art Studios and former in-house photographer at Media 24, graduated from CPUT with a National Diploma in Photography, and like the evolution of most photographers, started his way up as a photography assistant.


After he completed his studies and gained adequate experience, he took his South African talent to the Big Apple, New York, to gain international experience and further his knowledge in the world of photography & production, his chosen career.


Over 15 years as a full time photographer, Dawie gained extensive exposure with his images published in a large number of local magazines; anything from covers to editorials, ranging from travel, fashion and beauty to interior décor.


Food Photography is Dawie’s Forte. He combines the perfect lighting and composition to successfully capture his work, bringing it to life.  Proudly, Dawie has shot numerous covers for  award winning food magazines like Fresh Living and Woolworths  Taste, and continues to thrive within the world of culinary supplements and editorials for an array of magazines and even cookbooks such as 2 of Sa Food Celebrity, Jenny Morris' cookbooks, Justine Drake's,  Simply Good Food  and also Michael Mol and John Berry's cookbook, Your Best Life!


Dawie also has an eye for portraiture. By skillfully capturing a calm, discreet moment, he creates a connection between the viewer and the image. His portfolio in this area extends from sport legends such asCorne Krige and Greame Smith to SA Film director Regard van der Berg and Finance Minister Trevor Manual


Dawie faced many of Mother Nature’s obstacles during his extensive travels in collaboration with travel magazines like Weg! , as well as international magazines,  like National Geographic Traveller, to capture that perfect moment. However, his love for travel helped him along the way to further his insight.


Dawie is grace under fire, he brings calm to his surroundings and this is expressed in his work. Amongst his clients, he has built and kept an impressive repertoire that has borne a successful relationship of trust and understanding.



Willem Lourens - Photographer


Willem joined Flat Art fresh out of CPUT after graduating from photography and initially started off as a temporary assistant, but soon took on a permanent role as a photographer.


His photopgraphic repertoire includes Sarie, Fresh Living, Taste and food giant Pick n Pay


He's willingness to jump in has made him the best helping hand anyone could ask for.



A : 310 Victoria Road, Woodstock    /   T : +27 (21) 448 6128   /   E : info@flatartstudios.com