No-Joe & MoJo

A Film by Dawie Verwey


This is a little film I made for Philip Bloom's Movember 2012 Competition. A great initiative to mobilise filmmakers to join the worldwide Movember campaign to create awareness surrounding cancer in men.

Please go to to donate, Its for a great cause!

With a bit of fun, it tells the story of the power of the Mo... Enjoy!


This was shot,edited and colour graded by Dawie Verwey

Big Light

By Dawie Verwey


This is a short fun video I made in a great workshop here in Cape Town with British DP/Director/ Filmmaker Phillip Bloom. We had to pick any object and make it look interesting. I love these lightshapers so....


Big thanks to Helmut Meijer for letting me use one of his great compositions performed by the cellist Carol Thorns Song : Closer to the Sun, (feat. Nina Du Plessis)

Connecting Dots

Director : Wim Steytler | Director of Photography : Dawie Verwey


The New South Africa – a chrysalis land of new hopes and reformed dreams, a land premised not only on what could happen but rather on what is happening and the action being taken now to get it done. But 16 years on and we must ask ourselves what change has been achieved and what has been left at the wayside. In this short film Director, Wim Steytler and Director of Photography, Dawie Verwey, explore what is occurring at the base level – the education sector – and promote the need for charities and communities to band together to bring about change at an accelerated  rate.

Community Mental Health_PSA

Director : Wim Steytler | Director of Photography : Dawie Verwey


A public service announcement (PSA) for Community Mental Health and Psychiatry

(CMHP), an organisation that manages mental health-related homes for individuals with

a psychiatric diagnosis. Their focus is based on psychosocial rehabilitation principals

and models. VUKA Awards entry.


Helmut Meijer : Seven Years to Yesterday

By Dawie Verwey


This is an interview with Helmut Meijer , music producer and solo artist, about his new album on iTUNES, Seven Years to Yesterday.

A : 310 Victoria Road, Woodstock    /   T : +27 (21) 448 6128   /   E :